find bw16 hardware SER

Am trying to use Linux version of the Not sure where i actually downloaded this seperate tool at? When I run this with the ‘erase’ command i get the following:

‘python3 erase
Sorry, the device you should have is not plugged in.’

So it does appear it is seeing A device,albiet not a WIO terminal hardware #

This flash tool is suppose to be used the WIO terminal for the rtl8720dn module

Here is a snippet of the python code trying to determine if hardware is suitable for flashing:
def getAllPortInfo():
return comports(include_links=False)

def getAvailableBoard():
for info in getAllPortInfo():
port, desc, hwid = info
ii = hwid.find(“VID:PID”)
#hwid: USB VID:PID=2886:002D SER=4D68990C5337433838202020FF123244 LOCATION=7-3.1.3:1.
if ii != -1:
for b in BOARD_IDS:
(vid, pid) = b[“info”]
if vid == hwid[ii + 8: ii + 8 + 4] and pid == hwid[ii + 8 + 5 :ii + 8 + 5 + 4 ]:
if b[“isbootloader”] == True :
return port, True
return port, False
return None, False

def stty(port):

if port == None:
    _port, _isbootloader = getAvailableBoard()
    if _port == None:
        print(Fore.RED + "Sorry, the device you should have is not plugged in.")

How can i determine with the hardware ID is of my serial connected B&T BW16 rtlduino board is to modify the python script?
I have 4 of these so if I trash one,i can still try three more.


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Hi @brcisna
Apparently, this Python script is maintained by Seeed studio just for their own Wio Terminal product. However, we still can copy the underlying mechinsm, which is elaborated here