AM8722DM factory reset


Is there any way to do factory reset on AM8722DM ?
I always got below message printout from the log after try to test OTA firmware.
May be I do some thing wrong. Now AM8722DM cannot bootup.

#interface 0 is initialized
interface 1 is initialized

Initializing WIFI …
Hard Fault Patch (Non-secure)

Hard Fault:
Secure State: 0

R0 = 0x00000010
R1 = 0xdeadbeef
R2 = 0x02020202
R3 = 0x03030303
R12 = 0x12121212
LR = 0x1000b66b
PC = 0x1000851a
PSR = 0xa1000000

EXC_RETURN = 0xffffffbc
MSP = 0x1002fa58
PSP = 0x1002fa58
xPSR = 0xa0000003
CFSR = 0x01000400
HFSR = 0x40000000
DFSR = 0x00000000
MMFAR = 0x00000000
BFAR = 0x00000000
AFSR = 0x00000000
PriMask = 0x00000001
SVC priority: 0x00
PendSVC priority: 0xe0
Systick priority: 0xe0


there is probably no need to do a factory reset, it cannot boot because the code it is running causes a hardfault. All you need to do is to upload a working image for it to run.


I try to re-flash image from default SDK km0_boot_all.bin, km4_boot_all.bin and km0_km4_image2.bin but the result is still same.

Could you try (525.0 KB)?
Download the file and remove the .xml extension, it is a zip file containing the 3 images.
I have verified that these are working normally on the RTL8722DM with AT commands.
Are the images uploaded to the default addresses?

@wyy Thank you for your support.

The message # is print out one time after flash image and press reset button.