AI object detection

I ran 2 examples of AI object detection.They show a frame rate about 5-6 fps.
Is there any way to increse a fps to 12 fps?
Change to standaed sdk?
I want detect 3 type of objects, need to do a custom model ?

Change FPS

Online Transfer custom model
Use custom model

The 1st link is for change fps of camera.

I would like to know when using AI object detection ,what maximum fps ?

Hi @SamT ,

Maximum FPS is 30FPS. However for our AI object detection examples, we are using 10FPS. You may increase the FPS, but the performance may not be as desirable. 10FPS recommendation was provided when it was tested by other team.

Please modify line 40. Change the value 10 to 12 before compiling and running the example.

Thank you.