Ameba Arduino SDK official release

Hi everyone!
I am the developer of Arduino SDK and l will announce the latest version of SDK here!
Right now there are 2 Arduino SDKs.

Release Ameba1 Arduino SDK V2.0.11.
Target boards RTL8195AM, RTL8710AF

Version 2.0.11 – 2021/09/28


  • Update wlan lib
  • Change source files sturecture avoiding long naming


Release Amebad Arduino SDK V3.1.0 with the latest patch.
Target boards RTL8722DM, RTL8722DM_MINI

Version 3.1.0 – 2021/11/05


  • Support board RTL8720DN(BW16)
  • Add WiFiControlCar example
  • Add Arduboy zip library
  • Add WPA3 support
  • Add Amebad_HMI_MQTT zip library
  • Add support for IPV6 wiht 4 examples
  • Wlan lib update
  • Minor bug fix

API Updates:

  • Support Microsoft Azure IoT cloud
  • – enable “strnlen” from rom
  • – add “#define yield” for compilation
  • – update PubSubClient lib
  • Update APIs for RTL8720DN(BW16) (SPI, I2C, Fatfs, Audiocodec and UART
  • Update jtag enable functions
  • Update wifi security option
  • Remove the unused libs lib_wifi_fw.a lib_wifi_ucps_fw.a
  • Update watchdog
  • Update AudioCodec
  • Pin mapping updates
  • Remove unused marcos
  • RTL8720DN(BW16) related naming update for all examples
  • Update PowerSave


  • Add RTL8720DN_BW16 frizting folder
  • Move RTL8720DN_BW16 frizting files to correct folder
  • Rename folder name to short the length of path
  • Add Offline_SDK_installation_tool (Windows, Linux and MacOS)
  • Update linux tools for compatibility issue
  • Update RTL8722DM_MINI and RTL8720DN(BW16) Fritzing and Pinmux
  • Update ameba_d_tools V1.0.6
  • Add Image_Releated folder
  • Correct the core from Cortex-M4 to Cortex-M33