About the BW16

Are you using a BW16 module/development board based on RTL8720DN? Welcome to this section, let’s explore and share our experience here.

BW16 or the “Non-official Ameba” is a special existence. The IC used is RTL8720DN designed and produced by Realtek, the module is designed and produced by B&T (博安通), and the development board is designed and produced by AI-Thinker(安信可). So there have been many problems since its birth, but it can still use Realtek’s open source Standard SDK and [Arduino SDK](https://github. com/ambiot/ambd_arduino) for development.


I have just started with BW16 and I bought a new board.
I have setup the board in Arduino and I have chosen the right board to upload a simple blink sketch
I have changed to LED_BUILTIN_B in the code for the Built-in LED BLUE and I compiled it successfully.
But when I tried to upload I get Error:
I press the BURN Button and after RST button and release the RST during the 5 seconds (even did that before the upload with no luck at all)

Please enter the upload mode (wait 5s)
Uploading.....error: Enter Uart Download Mode
Image tool closed!
    Upload Image done. 

It is not uploading at all - I have found a place that tells to short RX and TX with Log pins and I did that as well with no luck.

I would be happy to start working with this board - looks like I am not able to do so since I must be doing something wrong.
I would be happy to get help on this board and make sure I do exactly as needed to be done to compile a simple blink to it
Please assist.